7 Irish Phrases Guaranteed to Make You Smile

Irish is a beautiful language with some funny phrases and even has some words with no English equivalent! Here are 7 interesting words in Irish that you may not have heard of:

  1. Maológ (Mwale owg)

When you fill something up to the brim but then keep on adding more, the part that lies heaped above the top of the container is the maológ.

2. Plámás (plaw-moss)

Plámás is a form of flattery used to butter up to someone or to get your own way.

3. Spéirbhean (Spare - Van)

An incredibly poetic term for a beautiful woman. It is directly translated to Spéir (sky) - Bean (woman). Basically a heavenly woman.

4. Smugairle Róin (Smugir-la-rown)

The Irish word for a jellyfish. It literally translates to 'seal snot'.

5. Craic (Crack)

The phrase 'any craic?' might turn a few heads outside Ireland. However it's meaning is completely innocent. 'Craic' is used to describe fun, news, gossip, entertainment etc.

6. Uisce Beatha (Ishka Bah-ha)

This is the Irish word for whiskey, however, it literally translates to 'water of life'.

7. Bóín Dé (Boween-Jay)

Bóín Dé is the Irish word for 'ladybird'. It's literal translation means 'God's little cow'. How cute!


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